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MindFlex Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist, Educational Psychologist, Clinical Supervisor, Singapore


MindFlex psychologists believe that mental wellbeing is as important as physical health and that the cornerstone to everyone's holistic wellness is psychological flexibility. 

We adopt a collaborative approach to enhance your psychological wellbeing.     

We are centrally located at Tan Chong Tower, 15 Queen Street, Singapore 188537.  Short walk from Bugis MRT, Bras Basah MRT and Bencoolen MRT.  


Sessions are by appointment only. 

MindFlex Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist, Educational Psychologist, Registered Psychologist, Singapore

The Ark is the safe haven where MindFlex psychologists journey together with you through the ups and downs of life. 

If we all had the skill and courage to make space for our own suffering and be kind to that part of ourselves that stumbles and sometimes falls, change would be so much easier

~Dennis Tirch~


“I wasn't sure what to expect from the therapy but my session(s) with you have been invaluable. You made me feel at ease discussing anything that was on my mind. Being able to express my difficult emotions was a huge relief.  

We worked through tools to deal with my fear and anxiety which I could use on my own.  I was able to make progress for my condition through the therapy session(s) with you. Your patience, understanding and guidance have enabled me to be confident and I believed it will be a lasting positive change."

'Margaret', Client of Dominic  

“Dominic is a wonderful therapist.  Even on the 1st session, he made me feel so comfortable and trusting.  I do not feel that there is a need to hold back any sharing with him.  

Throughout the journey, Dominic has been very supportive and encouraging.  Most importantly, he is non-judgemental.  

He provides very practical actionable points or tips that I can practice along the way and at the same time, not something that is so difficult that I will give up.  It is bite-size and so manageable that soon I am doing it every other day!  

My mood and outlook of life has improved so much after visiting him and my life quality improves too!  

My family members enjoy much more being with 'new' me and so I can say that I am slowly but surely 'reborn'-ing.  

Definitely one day, if any one needs assistance, Dominic will definitely be the first that comes to my mind to refer!"

'J.', Client of Dominic  

"I was referred to Dominic by a friend.  I came in wanting someone to tell me what I should do so that I would stop feeling sad and miserable. Much to my surprise, I took away more than that.  

The biggest lesson I learnt through my sessions with Dominic was mindfulness.  I practised it everyday in the things that I did and in the emotions that I was experiencing.  This helped me get better and changed my perspectives in life a lot.  Now when I am asked how I am, I say, "I'm good!" instead of "I'm okay" and I really mean it.  

I'm thankful for taking the chance and meeting up with Dominic and am grateful for the way the sessions went. I learnt a lot about myself and I will continue learning more about myself.  Thanks Dominic!"

'Natasha', Client of Dominic  

"I strongly recommend Dominic.  He is an extremely professional and thoughtful therapist.  I met with Dominic weekly for about two years to help me through some personal anxiety issues; toward the end of our engagement we explored marital issues and solutions.  

Dominic has a very good balance of listening and probing which helped me find my best solutions.  Additionally, and importantly, he also gives educated benchmarks and ideas to help explore new areas which I previously had not explored.  

The time I spent with Dominic was extremely valuable and has helped me become a stronger person and more in tuned with my personal needs.  I have moved from Singapore or I would have continued to meet with Dominic.

'Asia Business Leader', Client of Dominic  

"I first went to see Dominic when I was going through a challenging transition into new, expanded responsibilities at work. I was very confused about the difficult emotions I was facing every day, and finding it difficult to cope. Dominic very quickly helped me define and get to the heart of the emotions I was experiencing, and helped me make sense of something that, to that point, seemed so complex. He also helped me pinpoint events in my life that contributed to the intensity of those emotions, which gave me a deeper understanding of them. But, far beyond that, Dominic gave me the tools to help me deal with those emotions in my day to day working life, and beyond. I do feel that Dominic’s help has been career saving and I am very thankful to him for that." 

'John B', Client of Dominic  

“Sessions with Jade helped me understand the underlying reasons to many of the problems I faced.  With empathy and patience, she guided me to better paths that I could employ to make the situation better.  

With her, I felt supported, understood, validated and heard." 

'annoyums', Client of Jade  

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